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Medical Research Patients

4 Major Facts you did NOT know about Medical Research Patients

Let’s face it, most people have negative thoughts about medical research! You will be happy to know that there are a lot of misconceptions and that there are in fact many benefits to participating in medical programs when it comes to research. Medical research is NOT a bunch of scientists performing testes on rats or nurses poking and pinching people to see if they experience pain. Unfortunately, medical research programs are not spoken about enough and research centers are not given the respect they should get from most of us in society.

  1. Participants in medical trials are given excellent medical care. It is a huge MYTH that medical research patients are made to be sick or are given drugs that will hurt them and that they will continue to be sick throughout the medical trial. This is simply not true. The first concern of any medical trial is the health and safety of the patient. The point is to give you a medicine that will help you without giving you any side effects that are negative. There is constant monitoring and constant testing in order to ensure great health of the patient and that the medicine is in fact working to wards their health. The staff here at IMIC Medical Research is proud to be known for their care and their hospitality while our patients are with us. We go out of our way to make our patients feel comfortable and at home with us.
  2. Medical Research Programs are approved by the FDA! Most people do not realize that medical research is under a lot of monitoring by the sponsor of the study and by the FDA. The FDA is in charge of all medical research and medical development and so all studies must be approved by the FDA for enrollment.  IMIC Medical Research works closely with the FDA to make sure that all our studies are conducted correctly and under all FDA regulations. 
  3. Participants of medical research programs receive new therapies and have access to new medical solutions that most people do not have. When a patient has never responded to traditional medication and has a condition that is progressing with no response to therapies, then it may be the best thing for that patient to join a medical research program. The medicines that available to them and the medical monitoring may be the best thing for their condition. All medicines, tests, doctor’s visits and medical care is free of charge and so there is no charge for their care that comes out of pocket. The opposite takes place as we compensate all participants of medical research programs here at IMIC medical Research Center.
  4. Lastly, we need you to know that medical research patients are helping more than themselves. Medical research participants receive free care and medication and are compensated for their participation but the true winners are the patients that receive new FDA approved medication or treatments due to the medical research that they helped with. New drugs are approved every year by the FDA and they all help people with their conditions. The only way we will ever cure Asthma, Crohn’s, NASH or Alzheimer’s Disease is through medical research. 

IMIC Medical Research Center is proud to be part of the research community. We love what we do and we love the patients who join us in our journey. We go the extra mile for our patients by providing great opportunities for them at our offices. For example, we offer free PTSD evaluations, free medical care for those with Crohn’s Disease and Ulcerative Colitis and we offer free Alzheimer’s diagnosis for those interested in participating in a medical research program on Alzheimer’s.

If you have more questions regarding medical research, call 786-713-4733 to learn more. We are living in a time where research is leading to great results. Our next BLOG will touch on some new events going on in medical research.

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