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A Mental Health Clinic Miami Locals Trust Tells You How to Find Help


It is one thing to admit you have a problem, it’s another actually to seek assistance for the problem. When dealing with depression, it is hard enough. How do you express to your doctor that you are depressed? The experts at Neurosciences Medical Clinic are here help provide you with the necessary information to get you the help you need. We are the best mental health clinic Miami.

Get A Wellness Check

The beginning of the year is a great time to schedule your regular wellness visit with your doctor. New season, new you! Chances are if you are reading this, you are looking to get information or help with the feelings of depression you’re currently struggling with. Luckily, it is easier than ever to talk about mental health.

Get Talking To A Mental Health Clinic Miami

There is no need to be nervous or scared. You are dealing with professionals who know what you are going through. They know how to handle these situations. You can trust them. Here are some tips on how to start the conversation.

First, choose which physician to confide in. Think of a professional like the doctors at Neurosciences Medical Clinic.  If you think you are suffering from depression, but the thought of seeing a mental health professional overwhelms you, start with someone you already see regularly. If your yearly wellness visit is coming up, you may be most comfortable in speaking with your primary care physician. Other professionals who can help include counselors, social workers, employee assistance plan professionals, registered nurses, occupational therapists, and vocational rehabilitation therapists. Regardless of which doctor you choose to discuss your concerns with, the sooner you seek help, the better.

Second, prepare for the visit. You have read about the signs of depression, and you have a suspicion that you fit the bill. Think of goals you would like to accomplish as an outcome of your visit. Diagnosis and treatment may take time, but opening up about your feelings and determining a treatment plan are logical first steps. Doctors can’t read your mind. Though they may have general screening questions, you should think of ways to bring it up and guide the discussion. Especially if there are other health concerns, you need to address at the appointment.

State your concerns as plainly as you can and don’t minimize the issue. Here are ways to bring it up to your healthcare professional:

  • “I think I might be depressed.”
  • “I am experiencing the following symptoms…”

Lastly, manage your expectations. Your doctor is taking all your provided information and forming a diagnosis. But what may initially sound like depression, may be more than one mental health issue or a combination of psychological and physical illnesses. A depression diagnosis is often difficult to make because clinical depression can manifest in many different ways. As a result, your doctor may schedule a follow-up appointment or may refer you to be seen by another mental health provider.

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When it comes to mental health therapy, we are the professionals to trust. Our mental health clinic Miami is the best. We offer TMS therapy that is right for you. At Neurosciences Medical Clinic near Miami, we are medical professionals who will help you fight this long dark battle of depression. You will not be alone. We know all about depression treatment. Call us today for more information. We offer the best transcranial magnetic stimulation Miami.

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