Our Doctors and Investigators

Our dedicated medical professionals:

Miguel Rodriguez MD
Board Certified Gastroenterology

Evelyn Lopez-Brignoni MD
Double Board Certified Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatry

Ramon Leon MD
Board Certified in Family Medicine

Gustavo Roldan PhD

Dr Boris Nikolov CCRC
Research Physician, CEO

Gerard Arria-Devoe MD

Juana Pelegri PhD

Our Amazing Staff

Our dedicated medical professionals and research physicians who serve as Principal Investigators in the Miami-Dade area:

Aimee Cabo, BSN
Study Coordinator, President

Loyda Espinoza
CCRP Study Coordinator/Site Manager

Maria V. Martinez
ARNP Sub-Investigator

Jennifer Brady
Study Coordinator

Teresa Valencia
Study Coordinator

Minela Suljicic-Martinez
CCRC Study Coordinator

Adriana Tijerino
RN Study Coordinator

Betsey Rivera
Administrative Assistant

Dr. Duarte
Clinical Investigator

Libardo Perdigon

Gil Zepeda Marketing and Public Relations

Cinthia Del Toro
Study Coordinator

Gabriella Barraza Assistant Coordinator

Tatiana Perdigon
Assistant Coordinator