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Helping Your Family Member Cope with PTSD


A major type of anxiety disorder that many Americans struggle with is Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, or PTSD. PTSD can be the result of going through a highly traumatic event such as war, fire, a violent assault, or accident. Sufferers of PTSD often re-experience the trauma through recollections of the event or vivid dreams, and generally try to avoid situations that that their brains associate with the trauma. When violent crimes and natural disasters cause upheaval, victims of these situations can also experience PTSD. One of the most common causes of PTSD is seen in former or active military, firefighters, first responders, policemen, and others who serve and protect this country. Unfortunately, many are not easd of their symptoms even after traditional treatment methods such as psychotherapy or medication. If you or your family member or loved one is seeking PTSD treatment, Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy is a revolutionary new treatment that has been shown to have astounding effects on PTSD sufferers. Call Neurosciences Medical Clinic in Miami today to schedule an appointment.

What is TMS?

Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation therapy, or TMS therapy, is a drug-free, natural treatment for anxiety disorders such as PTSD as well as depression. TMS treatment is able to help control the symptoms of this disorder as well as the depression that comes along with it. So what exactly is TMS? TMS, like its name implies, utilizes repeating strong magnetic pulses to change the activities of neurons. Brain activity is able to be directly influenced in a highly specific manner through TMS, allowing for a large degree of control over how our minds function, whether it’s for clinical or for other applications. TMS can produce differing effects depending on the goal of the patient, as it can be targeted towards different areas of the brain, and can also vary its depth into the brain. Stimulation applied can be used to suppress or increase activity in the targeted area, influencing the activity in the targeted brain area and thus the function of the brain and the subjective experience of the individual. TMS therapy has been officially in use in the U.S. since 2008 for the treatment of major depressive disorders that do not respond to at least one medication.

When Medication and Psychotherapy Fail

TMS forces neurons to fire through utilizing a moving magnetic field to push electrical charge within the cells themselves, thus being able to shift the brain’s overall activity from one state to another. This means that it is possible to shift the brain from a depressed to a healthy pattern of activity, or in the case of PTSD treatment, shift patterns of disordered cognition or emotion processing in PTSD to restore proper function. TMS can also slow down activity i motor areas in the brain in order to readjust hyperactive circuits in patients suffering from OCD, or help with hallucinations by reducing activity in the auditory cortex.

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TMS therapy may be the PTSD treatment you or your loved one is in need of, if traditional forms of treatment like medication or psychotherapy fails to produce results. Call Neurosciences Medical Clinic in Miami today to schedule an appointment.

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