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Psychological Effects of Covid 19 on Society Today 20’

The Coronavirus pandemic that was documented to have begun late last year has taken its toll on the psychological, physical and emotional health of every living individual worldwide. In current news there are 1,677,190 cases of the virus, deaths are at 101,559 and more than 372,403 people have recovered. Late last month in March governments gave us hope and said it will be another month until the Covid 19 virus will not be a problem anymore, and things are changing, yet we are still in panic mode.

Despite all the news and chaos around the world, society must remain strong by keeping social distance, taking the necessary sanitary precautions and believe that we will make it out of this worldwide pandemic alive and well. By adhering to the quarantine guidelines, staying away from crowds, only going out if necessary, wearing your masks and maybe gloves while outside at least for some short amount of time still.

Social distancing because of the quarantine measures, has also been causing a lot of anxiety because we are social beings who congruently work with each other to move forward in life. In our workplace, within our families and social groups. It has made people stay at home more and resent not being able to do the things they once enjoyed. Therefore, drinking and drug use has increased and those who have chosen sobriety have been at a great risk of relapse.

Many lost their lives with families that stayed behind. Fathers who were providers lost their battle thinking about who will provide for their child. Mother’s worried about who will train their child. Parents who lost their child and children who will never see their parents again. So, there is a lot of stress and anxiety for those that have not fallen victim to this Coronavirus. Any time you go outside you are putting yourself at risk of contracting Coronavirus. Even with social distancing and sanitary precautions we are all at risk. Then there is the fear of you losing your job and place of residence. The bills are piling up and people are under a lot of stress. 

Medical providers are the most at risk because they are constantly in contact with people who have contracted the Covid 19 virus. Nurses, staff, doctors and specialists must put their own health at risk to treat those who have fallen ill. Medical providers have been under a great amount of stress. Trying to control the virus and contain it to assist the patients making sure they survive. I wish the Lord will continue to protect us from this pandemic which suddenly arose as a worldwide health threat.

By creating an active routine at home watching movies that keeps your mind off things and avoiding the news at times and exercising. Reading and journaling your thoughts and feelings. Meditation and spirituality can help greatly. Mainly prayer for our protection, our loved ones and for the families that are in grief.

Having said all that, there is hope, many people have come to help others in need, have shown their support to their communities, have donated millions of masks, supplies and medications. People are reflecting on their lives, being friends again with their significant other, realizing what we have without appreciating it so far. But I believe, generally, we are getting better people.

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