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Covid 19 Pandemic

Why is medical Research so important after the Covid 19 Pandemic?

Before the Covid 19 Pandemic, a lot of people did not see medical research as an important part of medicine. After seeing how medical studies help society move forward with lower death rates and patients living their last years with a better quality of life, we all have a NEW respect for medical research and what it can do for all of mankind. 

The most important thing that we can do to fight the Covid 19 Pandemic is to find a cure. The ONLY way to ever find a vaccine or any remedy will be through a lot of medical research. Currently, medical research labs are focused on the following:

  1. A Vaccine to cure humans from Covid 19
  2. New tests that will diagnose patients with a fast turnaround time
  3. New tests that will determine if anyone has ever had Covid 19 and beat it. This is VERY important because we can extract the platelets and plasma through the blood of past patients to see if they can help new patients beat the virus organically. 

In addition, medical research labs throughout the world are conducting studies to see if the Coronavirus will affect some and not other and if so, why. Answers to questions regarding pregnancy, predisposed conditions, age, race and gender are all being looked at in order to see how we can have answers to so many unanswered questions soon. IMIC Inc Medical Research Center is proud to be part of the medical research industry. We have been working on cures for Alzheimer’s, Asthma, NASH, Fatty Liver, Crohn’s, UC, Bipolar Disorder and other conditions that currently have no cure. Without dedicated staff and long days of work, the world would never benefit from modern medicine. 

We salute our brothers and sisters in the medical research industry that have been involved in the first studies to look for a vaccine against the Coronavirus. It must be tough to recruit patients and conduct such research in the midst of people dying all over the world from this virus. 

In the near future, we will have to start looking into how pandemics affect those with incurable diseases. This time around we saw how badly it affect those with Alzheimer’s and Asthma. We witnessed the high number of patients that were affected by their past respiratory issues and so this makes it even more important to support medical research. We must continue to support medical research to find cures for diseases and to make sure less people are venerable to pandemics in the future. You can always call our office if you have any questions. With the right procedures and the help of our patients, our staff will continue to serve the Palmetto bay Community and continue to bring Medical Research forward.

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